How to use the Amazon FBA calculator?

How to use the Amazon FBA calculator?

The Amazon FBA calculator is a great way to gain insight into the business. This tool helps sellers calculate the cost associated with using Amazon’s fulfillment services and how much revenue they can make from selling on Amazon.

It provides FBA fees, fulfillment and storage costs, Amazon referral fees, and other associated expenses. Adding the cost of the products also helps sellers find the total cost for Amazon fulfillment services.

Steps to use it

  1. Give an ASIN or search by product name
  2. Setup the item price
  3. Add cost for shipping to Amazon
  4. Calculate the average inventory units stored
  5. Estimate the monthly units sold
  6. Check the other costs
  7. Give an estimated sales units

And then, the calculator provides an estimated net profit from Amazon sales. Also, sellers can compare their fulfillment with the FBA solution if they fill out that part in the tool.

New product checking (Define product page)

The Amazon revenue calculator’s define product page is designed to help sellers understand the selling fees associated with their new single Amazon products that haven’t got any ASIN or other numbers yet.

Steps for defining a single product:

Amazon traders can follow these steps to define a single product with the calculator if their product isn’t available on Amazon:

  1. Sellers need to select the “Define Product” page.
  2. Enter shipping details, such as package dimensions and unit weight.
  3. Select product categories according to their new goods details.
  4. Enter the product price and shipping charge.
  5. Click the Estimate button.

Amazon fee estimator will display all related fees for the new single product. The traders can see the fulfillment fees, shipping costs, storage, and referral fees.

Amazon’s fees section contains a fixed closing fee of $0.99 because it calculates with the individual selling plan. That means for every item sold, sellers must pay $0.99. Sellers who join Amazon’s Professional selling plan pay a monthly cost of $39.99 instead of additional fees for each item they list.

Bulk solution with FBA fee estimator (Estimate in bulk page)

Amazon sellers have two options on the Bulk estimate page: the first is where they can search according to the ASIN (it is possible to choose more items, and the program will compare them. The second option is to fill in an Excel file with the seller’s new products. After, they can download a report comparing the shipping method and other related Amazon fees.

Search by Amazon catalog to compare the FBA fees:

This tool can help find the products with an Amazon identification number (ASIN), SKU, title, ISBN, UPC, or EAN code. The sellers can see how to get the estimated comparison data by following the below steps:

  1. Sellers can search Amazon’s catalog for the items they want to sell and get an estimated Amazon fee associated with them. They can choose the program that Amazon traders would like to compare, such as Amazon FBA, FBA Small & Light, or sellers arrange the shipping themselves. They must choose the season (Jan-Sep or Oct-Dec) to get the exact storage fee data.
  2. Amazon sellers can input the fees for program one associated with FBA fees.
  3. They can give data for program 2 to compare the shipping method they choose.
  4. The last step is downloading the report and getting the comparison data.

Bulk estimate for new products:

This feature allows sellers to compare their items before creating Amazon listings.

Steps by using the FBA costs calculator in bulk mode:

  1. Amazon sellers need to download the template and fill it in with product details, they can give the ASIN if it has one, and if they don’t have it, they can provide the details of the new product, such as weight, size, storage, etc. Also, need to choose programs 1 and 2 to get comparison data.
  2. Amazon sellers can upload the filled-in file and see the comparison data for FBA fees.

How to use the profit calculator for beginners?

The calculator for beginners is the best tool to calculate Amazon sellers’ fees. It helps determine the fulfillment, storage, and other expenses of selling the products on Amazon.

The tool provides beginners with an easy way to start a business. All they need to do is search by ASIN, and it provides Amazon fees, fulfillment, and storage costs.

How to use the FBA fee calculator for professional users?

For professional users, the calculator helps to calculate Amazon FBA fees in bulk solutions. With the bulk solution, sellers can easily check all related costs for more items using a filled-out Excel file, which they could import.

Professional users can use the Amazon revenue estimator to check the total cost of each product before placing orders from suppliers. This tool provides insights into FBA fees, Amazon referral fees, fulfillment expenses, and other associated costs.

How to use the FBA calculator worldwide?

The Amazon fee calculator is the same for traders worldwide. The sellers can enter their Amazon products and get estimated fees associated with their Amazon items.

The tool helps sellers calculate their profits from different countries so they can make informed decisions about which Amazon marketplace to target for higher profits. The sellers can also view FBA fees in other countries and the related currencies.

The traders can use Amazon’s Global Selling program to compare fees across countries and make informed decisions about their business. Sellers can use this platform to calculate their profits in each country and compare FBA fees for their products before listing them on the Amazon marketplace.

The fee estimator is available worldwide in the following countries:

In America

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

Fee estimator in America

In Europe and other countries

  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Azerbaijan
  • Saudi
  • Egypt

Fee estimator in Europe and other countries

Any other countries

  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Singapore

Fee estimators in these countries

How can Amazon sellers use the calculator to their advantage?

Amazon sellers can use the FBA fee and profit calculator to their advantage to predict Amazon fees and calculate their profits. This tool helps traders optimize their Amazon sales by estimating the FBA and Amazon referral fees associated with each product/category.

Additionally, sellers can use it to compare fees for different products and compare shipping methods to maximize their return on investment. Amazon traders can also use it to estimate the cost of Amazon services and fees.

Using the FBA profit calculator, sellers can compare prices, shipping methods, and fees in different countries to ensure they make the best decisions for their Amazon business.

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