How to use the Amazon fee calculator for professional users?

How to use the Amazon fee calculator for professional users?

Using the FBA calculator to estimate fees and profit margins is essential for Professional sellers. Amazon’s Fee and Profit Calculator allow them to quickly compare the cost of goods sold against Amazon’s commission and related expenses, enabling them to make informed decisions when selling products.

How to use the Amazon FBA calculator?

To use the Amazon revenue calculator for professional users can go to the calculator’s web page and use the below steps to get the FBA fee and estimated profit calculation:

  1. Give an ASIN or search by product name
  2. Setup the item price
  3. Add cost for shipping to Amazon
  4. Calculate the average inventory units stored
  5. Estimate the monthly units sold
  6. Check the other costs
  7. Give an estimated sales units

And then, the FBA calculator provides all costs, such as Amazon fees, fulfillment, and storage costs. This tool also provides estimated net profit from Amazon sales. Sellers can compare their fulfillment with the FBA solution if they fill out that part in the calculator.

MarketGap FBA calculator is the best choice for professional users:

Professional users can take advantage to use MarketGap program. This tool helps sellers accurately calculate the cost of selling products on Amazon. MarketGap creates detailed reports on one’s products that enable sellers to make more informed pricing and inventory management decisions.

With the MarketGap FBA fee and profit calculator, sellers can get an accurate estimate of their Amazon FBA fees and AI-based monthly sales data.

How to use the MarketGap fee and profit calculator?

There are two options for using this solution for Amazon sellers:

  1. The MarketGap FBA calculator, called Profit Spy, is available on the Google Chrome Web Store. Install the MarketGap Chrome extension to access it. Search for a keyword or click the red box on the Amazon page to use it.
  2. Amazon retailers can visit MarketGap FBA Fee Calculator and input their product’s ASIN or Amazon URL to compare fees and estimate sales, revenue, and profit calculations.

Advantages of using MarketGap FBA calculator:

  • MarketGap’s FBA calculator accurately calculates the referral, fulfillment, and monthly storage fees.
  • MarketGap provides up-to-date estimated sales data, customer satisfaction ratings, and competitor analysis.
  • MarketGap’s Integrated Alibaba Search quickly finds products from Alibaba and provides a built-in calculator for easy profit estimations.
  • MarketGap also offers a Real-time Inventory feature that shows other sellers’ inventory on any product.
  • MarketGap’s Profit Spy browser extension allows sellers to instantly check the monthly profit of all products on any Amazon page based on estimated sales.

How can it be a professional seller?

Amazon Professional sellers can be the kind of traders who would like to sell more than 40 items monthly. Selling on Amazon as a professional seller allows you to list unlimited products without paying per-item fees. It costs $39.99/month. Sellers can choose a professional plan which is including the following features:

  • Using APIs (Application Programming Interface) or additional selling reports.
  • Using programs like Launchpad.
  • Using advertisements for their products.
  • Ranking first on product detail pages.

Amazon Professional sellers will also want to consider costs for shipping fees, FBA fulfillment fees, promotional discounts, and other associated Amazon fees when calculating their total cost.

The key features of the Amazon FBA calculator:

Amazon’s FBA fee and profit calculator has the following features to help Amazon Professional Sellers calculate their estimated fees and profits:

  • ASIN or product name search feature to quickly find the cost of a specific item.
  • Item price setup for accurate Amazon fee calculations.
  • Cost of shipping to Amazon can be factored in for a more accurate calculation.
  • Estimated sales units can be given for an estimated Amazon fee and net profit.
  • The average inventory units stored can be estimated to calculate storage fees. (There are different storage fees from January to September (Cheaper) than from October to December (More expensive)).
  • Other costs associated with selling on Amazon, such as promotional discounts, can also be added to the fee calculator.

Summarize the benefits of using Amazon’s FBA fee calculator for professional users:

When selling their products online, professional sellers can use Amazon’s FBA Fee and Profit Calculator to make more accurate pricing and product selection decisions. This tool enables Amazon Professional sellers to calculate the estimated costs of selling a product before listing it, helping them maximize their sales and profits.

Amazon FBA calculator is an invaluable tool for professional sellers to stay competitive in the Amazon Marketplace. They can quickly assess the FBA fees and other costs associated with product selling, enabling them to make informed decisions.

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