How to use the FBA calculator worldwide?

How to use the FBA calculator worldwide?

The Amazon fee calculator using is the same for sellers worldwide. Sellers can enter their products in the calculator and get estimated fees for their Amazon items. The program is calculated on the same method.

The FBA revenue calculator helps sellers calculate their profits from different countries, as Amazon has different FBA fees depending on the country. They charge different monthly fees by country to store items in their warehouses and pick and pack prices for each item sold. Another difference to notice is the currency of the chosen country.

Benefits of Using Amazon Fee Calculator Worldwide:

Using the Amazon calculator to estimate FBA fees associated with items offers many benefits for the sellers.

  • Amazon sellers can use the fee estimator to calculate FBA fees before placing supplier orders. This helps traders make informed decisions about their products and optimize their sales.
  • The fee and profit calculator enables sellers to compare the related fees in different countries. This helps Amazon sellers choose the marketplace that offers higher product profits.
  • Amazon FBA calculator helps merchants calculate associated FBA fees and optimize their sales by comparing shipping methods.
  • The retailers can use the fee calculator to their advantage to predict their FBA fees, Amazon referral fees, fulfillment expenses, and other associated costs. This helps traders make smart moves about their Amazon business and maximize their ROI (Return on Investment).

How to use the Amazon fee and profit calculator worldwide?

The Amazon fee calculator is the same for traders worldwide. The sellers can enter their Amazon products in the calculator and get estimated fees associated with their Amazon items.

The Amazon revenue calculator helps sellers calculate their profits from different countries, so they can make good choices about which Amazon marketplace to target for higher profits. The sellers can also view the different FBA fees in the local currency in other countries.

The traders can use Amazon’s Global Selling program to compare fees across countries. Sellers can use this platform to calculate their profits in each country and compare FBA fees for their products before listing them on the Amazon marketplace.

The Amazon FBA calculator using steps:

  1. Give an ASIN or search by product name
  2. Setup the item price
  3. Add cost for shipping to Amazon
  4. Calculate the average inventory units stored
  5. Estimate the monthly units sold
  6. Check the other costs
  7. Give an estimated sales units

And then, the calculator provides an estimated net profit from Amazon sales. Also, sellers can compare their fulfillment with the FBA solution if they fill out that part in the calculator.

Amazon Calculators in Different Countries:

Amazon fee calculator is available in many countries around the world. This tool accurately estimates sellers’ FBA fees and profits in the selected country.

The Amazon calculator is available for many countries that Amazon supports. However, many third-party providers offer fee and profit estimators in different countries. Such as the MarketGap FBA revenue calculator solution, which tells you the number of items sold monthly. It is available in the following countries currently:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France

FBA Calculator Country-Specific Pricing, Shipping, and Handling:

Amazon sellers can use the FBA fee calculator to compare prices, shipping methods, and other costs in different countries. Amazon marketplace fees depend on the country where the item is being sold. For example, in some countries, Amazon charges a higher referral fee than in other countries.

Using the fee and profit calculator, Amazon traders can compare their FBA costs in different countries and evaluate which marketplace will bring them higher profits. This helps Amazon traders compare fulfillment expenses and associated FBA fees in different countries.

The Amazon fee calculator helps sellers compare shipping costs and choose which will bring them higher profits. There are more shipping methods in the U.K. and Europe, such as European Fulfillment Network and Pan-European FBA, so sellers can choose and decide which fits their business.


Amazon’s FBA calculator helps sellers make more thoughtful decisions about their business by comparing associated fees and estimated profits in different countries. Amazon traders can use the FBA profit calculator to compare prices, shipping methods, and fees in different countries to maximize their return on investment.

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