How to Use the Amazon Calculator for Multiple Products (Estimate in Bulk)

How to Use the Amazon Calculator for Multiple Products

The Amazon FBA Calculator is an invaluable tool for online sellers, allowing you to quickly and accurately assess your products’ fees and potential profit margins. One of the most powerful features of this calculator is the “estimate in bulk” function, which allows you to analyze multiple products at once, saving you time and effort.

When using the “estimate in bulk” feature, you can search by Amazon catalog or use the new products page. You can make informed decisions about using FBA or another fulfillment method by evaluating all costs associated with your products in one go. This feature also helps optimize your marketing and sales strategies for maximum profitability.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazon FBA Calculator allows you to analyze fees and potential profits accurately.
  • Using the “estimate in bulk” feature helps analyze multiple products simultaneously, streamlining decision-making.
  • This feature assists in optimizing your marketing and sales strategies for maximum profitability.

Bulk Estimate for Amazon Catalog

Search for Product on Amazon by Name or ASIN and Select Multiple Products for Calculation

To use the “Estimate in Bulk” feature, search for your products on Amazon by product name or ASIN. You can find the ASIN on the product page or your seller account. Once you have located the relevant products, select them for bulk calculation.

Enter the Inputs

After selecting your products for calculation, you will need to enter the following inputs for each product:

  • Average inventory units stored: Determine the average number of units you have throughout the month.
  • Estimated monthly units sold: Estimate the number of units you expect to sell each month.
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS): Include the total cost of producing or acquiring the products, such as manufacturing and materials expenses.
  • Miscellaneous costs: Consider any additional costs related to your products, such as marketing expenses or packaging materials.
  • Estimated sales: Enter your anticipated sales revenue from selling the selected products.
  • Shipping to Amazon cost: Estimate the cost of shipping your products to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

Download Report

Once you enter each product’s input data, the “Estimate in Bulk” tool will generate a detailed report. This report can be downloaded and saved for future reference or analysis.

Understanding the Results

The generated report will provide valuable information to help you make wise choices about your Amazon business. The results will include:

  • Fulfillment cost per unit: This shows the cost of Amazon FBA services for each of your selected products.
  • Total fulfillment cost: The combined cost of Amazon FBA services for all selected products.
  • Monthly storage cost: Storing your products at Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Net profit per unit: Your profit per unit after accounting for COGS, FBA fees, and other costs.
  • Profit margin: The percentage of revenue that remains as profit after all expenses have been deducted.

Utilize the bulk estimate report data to optimize your product offering, pricing, and inventory management strategies on Amazon.

Bulk Estimate for New Products

FBA Calculator Estimate in Bulk

The “estimate in bulk” feature on the Amazon FBA calculator allows you to simultaneously assess FBA fees for multiple products. This section outlines the steps to utilize this feature effectively.

1. Download the Template

The first step is to download the Amazon FBA calculator’s product template. This will help you format your list of products in a manner that can easily be uploaded and analyzed by the calculator. Go to the “Estimate in Bulk” section and click the download template button.

2. Fill out the Template Product List

After obtaining the template, open the file and fill in the necessary information for each product. Include details such as ASINs, product names, dimensions, and weights. Ensure accurate input of your items’ required data for precise fee calculations.

3. Uploading Product List

Once the template is filled out with your product information, save the file and return it to the “Estimate in Bulk” section on the Amazon FBA calculator website. Click the “Upload File” button and select the completed template file from your computer. Allow the calculator some time to process and analyze your uploaded data.

4. Download and Understand the Result

After the calculator processes your bulk estimate, you will receive a downloadable report containing the FBA fees for your products. Download and thoroughly review the report to understand the costs of using the FBA service for your products.

In conclusion, the “Estimate in Bulk” feature is a valuable tool for Amazon sellers, allowing them to calculate FBA fees for multiple products efficiently. By downloading the template, filling out the product list, uploading the file, and analyzing the results, sellers can make informed decisions about using FBA for their business.

Using the Amazon Calculator for a Single Product

When using the Amazon FBA Calculator for a single product, it is essential first to find the product’s ASIN. This can be done by searching for the item on Amazon and locating the ASIN on the product detail page. Once you have found the ASIN, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the ASIN in the Amazon FBA Calculator: Access the Amazon FBA Calculator, and input the ASIN in the ‘Search Amazon catalog’ tab.
  2. Set the item price: Input the selling price of your product in the designated field.
  3. Add cost for shipping to Amazon: Estimate the shipping cost for sending your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and input the value.
  4. Calculate the average inventory units stored: Based on your sales and inventory levels, estimate the average monthly number of units stored in Amazon’s warehouses.
  5. Estimate the monthly units sold: Consider your product’s sales history or analyze the market to estimate how many units you expect to sell each month.
  6. Check the other costs: Include any additional fees or costs associated with your product, such as the referral or variable closing fees.

After entering this data, the Amazon FBA Calculator will provide a detailed breakdown of fees and potential profits.

Remember, when using the Amazon FBA Calculator for a single product, it is essential to update prices, costs, and inventory levels to ensure accurate results.

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