How can Amazon sellers use the profit calculator to their advantage?

How can Amazon sellers use the profit calculator to their advantage?

Sellers can optimize their profits with Amazon’s FBA revenue calculator, a free tool provided by the platform. Sellers can swiftly and precisely determine their product’s costs, income, and profits with the help of this user-friendly online calculator. The calculator provides a high-level summary of the whole cost-benefit ratio for each product, allowing merchants to compare different price methods. It includes FBA fees, fulfillment, and storage costs.

How to use the Amazon FBA calculator?

The Amazon calculator is a great way to gain insight into the business. Amazon revenue calculator provides FBA fees, fulfillment and storage costs, Amazon referral fees, and other associated expenses. Adding the cost of the products, the profit calculator helps sellers find the total cost for Amazon fulfillment services.


  1. Choose Amazon Country
  2. Add SKU, title, ISBN, UPC, EAN, or ASIN
  3. Search

The calclulator shows:

  • Amazon fees
  • Fulfillment cost
  • Storage cost

After that, you can:

  1. Set item price
  2. Add average inventory units stored
  3. Add estimated monthly units sold
  4. Add Cost of goods sold
  5. Add Miscellaneous cost
  6. Add your estimated sales

You can compare the Amazon fulfillment result with your own fulfillment and decide whether it is worth it.

Comparison Graph – additional advantage in the Amazon FBA calculator:

The Comparison Graph feature in the Amazon FBA calculator is important for traders. It enables them to compare their product prices with those of competitors. Cost and profit are easily compared with the help of the visualize Data Bar Graphs feature.

Sellers can use the revenue calculator to compare prices between Amazon’s fulfillment and their fulfillment, ultimately determining which option will yield the highest profit. Additionally, the fee calculator provides bar graphs to aid in visualizing data, allowing for quick and informed decisions regarding price adjustments.

The benefits of using the Amazon calculator to optimize profits:

Using the Amazon FBA calculator, sellers can make better-informed decisions about pricing and fulfillment. The calculator allows them to quickly compare different scenarios, enabling them to make decisions that maximize their profits. The calculator also allows sellers to analyze the profitability of numerous products simultaneously, making it easier to determine which products are the most profitable.

The advantages of using paid versions of the fee calculator:

Paid Amazon calculators are powerful tools sellers can use to calculate the costs associated with their FBA business accurately. Amazon calculators that require payment offer additional features not available on free calculators. These options include estimated monthly sales and comprehensive financial data that aid Amazon sellers in making informed decisions regarding their business operations.

Furthermore, paid calculators typically have more user-friendly interfaces than their free counterparts, simplifying inputting data and interpreting results. Investing in paid calculators that offer added features like Amazon analytics and keyword tracking can benefit sellers. These tools can help optimize your business and yield better results.

As a trader, you must consider that MarketGap is one of the best calculators. MarketGap Amazon FBA calculator tool calculates a product’s monthly estimated sales based on AI calculation. Also, there is a direct link for Alibaba where sellers can find the same product from the supplier.

How to use the MarketGap calculator?

Steps by using the MarketGap FBA calculator

  1. Give an ASIN or search by product name
  2. Setup the item price
  3. Add cost for shipping to Amazon
  4. Add tax and costumes fees

The MarketGap calculator will tell you

  1. Estimated monthly units sold
  2. Estimated monthly revenue
  3. Estimated monthly profit
  4. Estimated Net profit/item
  5. ROI (Return on Investment)
  6. Referral Fee
  7. Fulfillment fees
  8. Monthly Storage fee


In conclusion, Amazon FBA calculators are invaluable for sellers, providing a comprehensive overview of their costs and profits. They enable traders to compare prices between different fulfillment solutions, allowing them to make the most cost-efficient decisions. Paid calculators offer additional features, such as sales estimation and keyword tracking, that can help optimize a seller’s business operations.

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