Amazon FBA fees. What are Amazon Seller Fees and Costs? FBA Fulfillment Fee Rates Formula 2024

Amazon FBA fees. What are Amazon Seller Fees and Costs? FBA Fulfillment Fee Rates Formula.

Amazon FBA Fees and Fulfillment Costs

Would you like to start selling on Amazon? If so, you must be aware of the costs related to Amazon FBA. This blog post will discuss the various Amazon FBA fees and what you might reasonably expect to pay. We’ll also offer some advice on how to cut your spending overall.

Overview of Amazon FBA fees

Fulfillment expenses, inventory storage fees, closing fees, refund administration fees, and returns processing fees are all included in the Amazon FBA fees. Size, weight, season, and product category all affect the cost of the payment.

When estimating the cost of selling on Amazon and setting your prices, it’s critical to consider Amazon FBA fees. You can plan your Amazon approach more efficiently and save money if you know the costs.

Amazon FBA Fees Table of Contents

Choose your Amazon Selling Plan

Amazon FBA Fees - Choose your Selling Plan

A selling plan is the Amazon account type you choose for selling on Amazon. There are two types of selling plans: Individual and Professional.

It’s important to note that Amazon FBA fees still apply regardless of your chosen selling plan. So, be sure to factor in these costs when calculating your profit margins and setting product prices.

Amazon FBA fees can impact profitability and should be considered when strategizing. Accounting for these fees is important to avoid unexpected costs. One way to reduce your Amazon FBA fees is by properly packaging and preparing your inventory according to Amazon’s policies and requirements. This can help lower your storage fees, as Amazon charges based on the space your inventory takes up in their fulfillment centers. And remember, Amazon FBA fees apply to both the Individual and Professional selling plans.

FBA Seller subscription fees

Per-item selling fees

You have two options when selling on Amazon: Individual or Professional.:

  • Individual Sellers pay $0.99 per item sold.
  • Professional Sellers must pay a monthly subscription cost of $39.99. No individual fee is applied to each sale.

If you have an Individual selling plan on Amazon, you’ll pay a per-item sold fee plus other applicable fees. The sale of multiple items incurs an individual fee for each item.

Individual Sellers:

  • Instead of a monthly fee, you will pay a $0.99 per item fee in addition to referral (commission) fees.
  • Good for you if you sell fewer than 40 products monthly

You won’t have access to sponsored ads, additional product categories, and other tools/options.

Professional account

  • To be a member, the price available for $39.99/month.
  • This is for you if you want to sell more than 40 items each month

Signing up for the account provides access to the following:

  • Advertising
  • Bulk uploads
  • Different types of promotions

Amazon Profit Spy Calculator or FBA revenue calculator helps to calculate Amazon FBA fees, packaging, shipping, and storage prices. View the profit margin and estimated sales profit you could make on your selected product.


  • FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) is an option where you, as a seller, would handle the shipping and handling of your products yourself instead of using Amazon’s fulfillment services. This may be a cost-effective option for some sellers, but remember that FBM limits your exposure to Amazon Prime customers and requires more work.
  • FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) can be a convenient option for sellers as Amazon handles shipping and customer service. The fees include fulfillment, inventory storage, closing, refund administration, and returns processing fees. Your product’s category, size, weight, and season will all impact the price FBA charges (This cost is more expensive in the winter holiday season).

Core FBA Selling fees

Referral fees

Amazon will deduct the corresponding referral fee percentage for every product sold from the total sales price. This excludes any taxes calculated through Amazon’s tax calculation services. The buyer pays the total sales price, including the item price and any delivery or gift wrapping charges.

The fee for this service depends on the product category. In addition to other applicable fees, Amazon will charge a referral fee for each item sold. Referral fees are different for each product category, as listed below.

Amazon Referral Fees category

CategoriesReferral fee percentagesApplicable minimum referral fee
Amazon Device Accessories45%$0.30
Amazon Explore30% for Experiences$2.00
Automotive and Powersports12%$0.30
Baby Products8% for products with a total sales price of $10.00 or less, and$0.30
15% for products with a total sales price greater than $10.00$0.30
Backpacks, Handbags, and Luggage15%$0.30
Base Equipment Power Tools12%$0.30
Beauty, Health and Personal Care8% for products with a total sales price of $10.00 or less, and$0.30
15% for items with a total sales price greater than $10.00$0.30
Business, Industrial, and Scientific Supplies12%$0.30
Clothing and Accessories17%$0.30
Compact Appliances15% for the portion of the total sales price up to $300.00, and$0.30
8% for any portion of the total sales price greater than $300.00$0.30
Consumer Electronics8%$0.30
Electronics Accessories15% for the portion of the total sales price up to $100.00, and$0.30
8% for any portion of the total sales price greater than $100.00$0.30
Everything Else15%$0.30
Fine Art20% for the portion of the total sales price up to $100.00,--
15% for the portion of the total sales price greater than $100 up to $1,000,--
10% for the portion of the total sales price greater than $1,000 up to $5,000, and--
5% for the portion of the total sales price greater than $5,000--
Full-Size Appliances8%$0.30
Furniture15% for the portion of the total sales price up to $200, and$0.30
10% for any portion of the total sales price greater than $200$0.30
Gift Cards20%--
Grocery and Gourmet8% for products with a total sales price of $15 or less, and--
15% for products with a total sales price greater than $15--
Home and Kitchen15%$0.30
Jewelry20% for the portion of the total sales price up to $250, and$0.30
5% for any portion of the total sales price greater than $250$0.30
Lawn and Garden15%$0.30
Lawn Mowers and Snow Throwers15% for products with a total sales price of up to $500$0.30
8% for products with a total sales price greater than $500$0.30
Media - Books, DVD, Music, Software, Video15%--
Musical Instruments and AV Production15%$0.30
Office Products15%$0.30
Pet Products15%, except 22% for veterinary diets$0.30
Sports and Outdoors15%$0.30
Tools and Home Improvement15%$0.30
Toys and Games15%$0.30
Video Game Consoles8%--
Video Games and Gaming Accessories15%--
Watches16% for the portion of the total sales price up to $1,500, and$0.30
3% for any portion of the total sales price greater than $1,500$0.30

Monthly subscription fees

Amazon FBA Fees - Monthly subscription FBA fee

The monthly subscription fee is only applicable to Professional Sellers.

This Professional selling plan gives you access to all the tools and benefits you need to be successful on Amazon, with bulk listings, automated pricing, advanced business reports, customizable shipping rates, and eligibility for top placement on detail pages.

Closing fees

For every unit sold, the following categories incur a closing fee: Books, DVDs, Music, Software & Computer/Video Games, Video Game Consoles, and Accessories.

Besides the referral fee, the closing fee of $1.80/pcs will be charged for any media item purchased.

FBA Fulfillment fees

Fulfillment by seller with own Warehouse and Inventory Management

If you want to fulfill orders yourself, Amazon charges according to the different rates depending on the product category and the shipping service selected by the customer and then gives you the amount in the form of a shipping credit.

Amazon FBA Professional plan

With the Professional plan, sellers can set shipping rates for all products except books, music, videos, and DVDs. You receive a credit from Amazon that matches the shipping rate when a customer buys your product. Remember that the referral fee is derived from the total sale price, encompassing the item cost, shipping expense, and gift-wrapping costs.

Amazon FBA Individual plan

If you have an Individual plan, Amazon sets your shipping rates for every product. The cost of the shipment credit must be covered by you, even if it is less than your overall transportation cost. Hence, always consider how much profit you’ll generate from each item while determining prices.

Shipping credits for books, music, videos, and DVDs

The following shipping rates are what Amazon customers will be charged for books, music, video, and DVD products. All sellers (those in the Professional and Individual selling plans) receive an equal amount as a shipping credit.

Amazon FBA Fees - FBA Shipping Credits for BMVD

Shipping credits for all other categories (Individual plan)

Amazon customers are charged shipping rates for products outside the books, music, video, and DVD categories. In exchange for these charges, sellers receive a shipping credit.

Amazon FBA Fees - FBA Shipping credits (Individual Plan)

Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon FBA Fees - Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon will charge a fulfillment fee for each unit that is stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and fulfilled through Amazon’s FBA services. Be informed that each unit has a fee for each unit if you use Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon service.

The FBA fulfillment fee is charged when an item is bought from your store in the Amazon marketplace (this price covers storage and shipping for customers). The fee varies depending on an item’s category, size, and weight when the product is stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and fulfilled through Amazon’s FBA services. The fee is often called the “pick and pack” fee.

Amazon will collect the total amount paid by the buyer when your product sells, including any shipping, gift wrap, or other charges. Professional account sellers can set their shipping rates, including offering free shipping, for books, music, video, and DVD (BMVD) products. If you have an Individual account on Amazon, shipping rates will apply to BMVD products.

FBA fulfillment fees (non-apparel and apparel)

Product size tiers are categories determined by the unit weight, product dimensions, and dimensional weight of a packaged item.

The shipping weight is the amount that shipping fees are calculated from. This figure is ascertained from either an item’s unit weight or dimensional weight.

Dimensional weight is an estimated shipping weight that is calculated from the dimensions of the package. (length x width x height) divided by 139

Fee categories separate products into different groups so that the correct rates apply to each product.

Amazon Fulfillment Fee Rates by Tiers

Standard-size product tiers

Product typeSize tierShipping weightFulfillment fee
Most products (non-dangerous goods, non-apparel)Small standard4 oz or less$3.22
4+ to 8 oz$3.40
8+ to 12 oz$3.58
12+ to 16 oz$3.77
Large standard4 oz or less$3.86
4+ to 8 oz$4.08
8+ to 12 oz$4.24
12+ to 16 oz$4.75
1+ to 1.5 lb$5.40
1.5+ to 2 lb$5.69
2+ to 2.5 lb$6.10
2.5+ to 3 lb$6.39
3+ lb to 20 lb$7.17 + $0.16/half-lb above first 3 lb
Apparel1Small standard4 oz or less$3.43
4+ to 8 oz$3.58
8+ to 12 oz$3.87
12+ to 16 oz$4.15
Large standard4 oz or less$4.43
4+ to 8 oz$4.63
8+ to 12 oz$4.84
12+ to 16 oz$5.32
1+ to 1.5 lb$6.10
1.5+ to 2 lb$6.37
2+ to 2.5 lb$6.83
2.5+ to 3 lb$7.05
3+ lb to 20 lb$7.17 + $0.16/half-lb above first 3 lb
Dangerous goodsSmall standard4 oz or less$4.19
4+ to 8 oz$4.48
8+ to 12 oz$4.64
12+ to 16 oz$4.37
Large standard4 oz or less$4.64
4+ to 8 oz$4.89
8+ to 12 oz$5.03
12+ to 16 oz$5.34
1+ to 1.5 lb$6.00
1.5+ to 2 lb$6.29
2+ to 2.5 lb$6.56
2.5+ to 3 lb$6.85
3+ lb to 20 lb$7.63 + $0.16/half-lb above first 3 lb

Oversize product tiers

Product typeSize tierShipping weightFulfillment fee
Non-dangerous goods (both apparel and non-apparel)Small oversize70 lb or less$9.73 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Medium oversize150 lb or less$19.05 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Large oversize150 lb or less$89.98 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb
Special oversizeOver 150 lb$158.49 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb
Dangerous goods (both apparel and non-apparel)Small oversize70 lb or less$10.48 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Medium oversize150 lb or less$19.92 + $0.42/lb above first lb
Large oversize150 lb or less$101.91 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb
Special oversizeOver 150 lb$179.28 + $0.83/lb above first 90 lb

Product size examples

Small standard size (6 oz or less)
Mobile device case
Dimensions: 13.8 x 9 x 0.7 inches
Unit weight: 2.88 oz
Fulfillment fee (per unit)$3.22
Large standard size (apparel, 12+ oz to 16 oz)
Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 0.76 inches
Dimensional weight: 12.24 oz
Unit weight: 12.32 oz
Fulfillment fee (per unit)$5.32
Large standard size (3+ lb to 20 lb)
Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.5 inches
Dimensional weight: 3.3 lb
Unit weight: 3.35 lb
Fulfillment fee (per unit)$7.49 ($7.17 + 1 * $0.16/half-lb above first 3 lb)
Small oversize
Baby cot
Dimensions: 24 x 7.5 x 6 inches
Dimensional weight: 7.8 lb
Unit weight: 7.90 lb
Rounded shipping weight: 8 lb
Fulfillment fee (per unit)$12.67 ($9.73 + 7 * $0.42/lb above first lb)
Large oversize
Dimensions: 54 x 35 x 3.5 inches (This product’s length plus girth is 131, putting it in the large oversize tier.)
Dimensional weight: 47.6 lb
Unit weight: 41 lb
Fulfillment fee (per unit)$89.98 ($89.98 + 0 * $0.83/lb above first 90 lb)

* April 28, 2022, through October 14, 2022, is the Non-Peak Fulfillment period. The peak fulfillment period is October 15, 2022, through January 14, 2023.

* The shipping weight is calculated by either the unit or dimensional weight, whichever number is bigger. The unit volume is equal to the dimensional weight. (length x width x height) divided by 139. The dimensional weight for oversized items is based on a minimum width and height of 2 inches.

FBA fulfillment fees: Small and Light

Amazon offers the FBA Small and Light program, which allows for an even lower fulfillment fee on smaller, lighter products. Your goods will qualify for free shipping for Prime customers if you use this program.

Size tierShipping weightDimensionsSmall and Light fulfillment fee per unit
Small standard4 oz or less15 x 12 x 0.75 inches or less$2.47
4+ to 8 oz$2.54
8+ to 12 oz$2.61
12+ to 16 oz$3.15
Large standard4 oz or less18 x 14 x 8 inches or less$2.66
4+ to 8 oz$2.77
8+ to 12 oz$2.94
12+ to 16 oz$3.77
16 oz+ to 1.5 lb$4.42
1.5+ to 2 lb$4.68
2+ to 2.5 lb$5.19
2.5+ to 3 lb$5.40

Monthly inventory storage fees

Amazon FBA Fees - FBA Monthly inventory storage fees

Amazon charges monthly inventory storage fees based on the space your inventory occupies in their fulfillment centers. Storage fees for each month are based on your average daily volume of cubic feet, which is determined by the size of a unit that follows FBA policies and requirements for shipping. Fees vary based on product size and time of year.

You will be charged a different fee if you have dangerous goods in your inventory. If you need to check if your inventory is considered dangerous goods? Take a look at the Dangerous Goods Identification Guide here.

Aged Inventory surcharge (old name: Long-term storage fees)

Products in a fulfillment center for more than one year are charged an additional monthly fee on top of the standard inventory storage fee. Long-term storage is paid monthly on the 15th based on an inventory snapshot.

FBA disposal order fees

You will be charged for each item when you request that Amazon dispose of items in your FBA inventory stored at an Amazon fulfillment center. You can submit a removal order if you need to remove your products from a fulfillment center.

Size tierShipping weightDisposal fee per unit
Standard size0 to 0.5 lb$0.97
0.5+ to 1.0 lb$1.46
1.0+ to 2.0 lb$2.20
More than 2 lb$2.83 + $1.06/lb above 2 lb
Oversize and special handling items*0 to 1.0 lb$3.12
1.0+ to 2.0 lb$4.07
2.0+ to 4.0 lb$5.56
4.0+ to 10.0 lb$9.43
More than 10.0 lb$13.05 + $1.06/lb above 10 lb

Returns processing fee

The FBA returns processing fee when the customer returns the products in specific categories sold on Amazon and gets free return shipping. Customers will be charged a return processing fee for that item returned in the Apparel and shoe categories. There are no return processing fees for items returned in the Watches, Jewelry, Luggage, Handbags & Sunglasses categories on

Size tierShipping weightReturns processing fee
Small standard4 oz or less$2.12
4+ to 8 oz$2.16
8+ to 12 oz$2.23
12+ to 16 oz$2.32
Large standard4 oz or less$2.40
4+ to 8 oz$2.44
8+ to 12 oz$2.53
12+ to 16 oz$2.61
16+ oz to 1.5 lb$2.71
1.5+ to 2 lb$2.81
2+ to 2.5 lb$2.95
2.5+ to 3 lb$3.13
3+ lb to 20 lb$3.41 + $0.20/lb above first 3 lb
OversizeSmall$4.19 + $0.20/lb above first 2 lb
Medium$10.57 + $0.25/lb above first 2 lb
Large$43.70 + $0.25/lb above first 90 lb
Special$75.08 + $0.25/lb above first 90 lb

Amazon Restocking Fee

The Amazon restocking fee is a charge applied when a customer returns a product. The fee might be applied if a customer changes their mind after completing an order and returns the item in perfect condition within the allotted 30-day return window.

Special handling fee

Televisions with screens that are 42 inches or larger will incur a special handling fee. Smaller televisions may also be subject to the special handling fee due to factors such as weight and fragility.

Amazon calculates a screen’s dimensions by the diagonal measurement between opposing corners. A special handling fee of $40 per unit will be applied if the television screen is 42 inches or larger.

Lithium batteries fee

Amazon FBA Fees - Lithium batteries fee

Items that contain lithium batteries or are sold with them will be charged an additional per-unit fee in addition to the FBA fulfillment fee. The lithium battery fee is part of the fees for all items fulfilled by Amazon containing lithium batteries, and it is currently $0.11 per unit.

FBA removal order fees

You can submit a removal order to remove inventory from Amazon fulfillment centers. This fee Amazon charges for each item is based on the product size tier and disposal method chosen (preparing for resale or disposed of as regular trash).

On average, a removal order takes around 90 days to process, and the shipment leaves the fulfillment center. It will take the carrier an extra two weeks to deliver the package.

Size tierShipping weightDisposal fee per unit
Standard size0 to 0.5 lb$0.97
0.5+ to 1.0 lb$1.46
1.0+ to 2.0 lb$2.20
More than 2 lb$2.83 + $1.06/lb above 2 lb
Oversize and special handling items*0 to 1.0 lb$3.12
1.0+ to 2.0 lb$4.07
2.0+ to 4.0 lb$5.56
4.0+ to 10.0 lb$9.43
More than 10.0 lb$13.05 + $1.06/lb above 10 lb

Other FBA costs

Refund administration fee

Amazon FBA Fees - Refund administration fee

When Amazon refunds a customer for an FBA order, they will charge a refund administration fee. This fee covers the cost of Amazon processing the refund and returning the item to inventory if applicable.

If you refund a customer order, you already paid for it. Amazon will give you the commission fees minus a small administrative fee. Returns are charged per unit. The rate is based on a percentage of the transaction refunded.

Product typePercentage of product charges refunded by sellerRefund administration fee
Book, music, video, and DVD products100%$0.00
Less than 100%Amazon retains the variable closing fee and credits you a proportional amount of the referral fee originally charged for the order, based on the percentage of the item price you refunded to the buyer.
All other product types100%Lesser of $5 or 20% of referral fees

High-Volume Listing Fee

If you have more than 1.5 million active SKUs, you must pay a monthly high-volume listing fee in addition to the regular subscription and referral fees. This fee helps Amazon manage the increased operational burden of managing such many listings. The high-volume listing fee is $0.005 per unit in a month. You only need to pay over the 1.5 million pcs. For example, if you have 1.6 million active SKUs, you need to pay only for 100,000 pcs, so you will be charged $100.

* SKU: Stock Keeping Unit. Seller SKU on Amazon is a unique ID assigned to your product listings.

Rental Book Service Fees

Amazon FBA Fees - FBA Rental Book Service Fees

If you use Amazon’s rental book service for textbooks, they will charge a monthly inventory storage fee and additional fees for renting, fulfilling, and processing returns. The fees depend on the book’s size and weight and whether Amazon handles the shipping. The rental book service fee is $5.00 per book rented to a customer.

Optional programs for your choice

  • Advertising cost: If you choose to advertise your products on Amazon, there is a cost associated. Amazon charges for advertising based on clicks or impressions, depending on the type of ad campaign. Amazon also charges a fee for sponsored product ads that result in a purchase made by the customer. These fees can vary and are charged separately from Amazon FBA fees.
  • Amazon brand registry: Amazon brand registry allows you to secure and protect your brand on Amazon by giving you access to powerful tools, including proprietary text and image search, enhanced reporting, and trademark protection for listing accuracy. This program is optional but highly recommended for brands selling on Amazon.
  • Premium account services: Amazon Premium accounts offer sellers expanded options for their ecommerce business. This includes options such as Amazon-branded packaging, Amazon multi-channel fulfillment, Amazon returns processing, and Amazon sales analytics. These services come at an additional cost to the seller but can provide added convenience and benefits for their Amazon business.

These optional programs come at an additional cost but can enhance your Amazon FBA experience and increase sales. Advertising allows you to pay for sponsored product placements, fulfillment by Amazon offers storage and shipping services for your products, inventory placement service helps optimize where your products are stored in Amazon warehouses, the Amazon-partnered carrier program gives discounted shipping rates and premium account services which provide personalized support and account management.

Helping tools to calculate your Amazon fees

Amazon FBA Fees - FBA Helping tools

Amazon FBA Fee Calculator

If you plan to use Amazon FBA for your business, then you’ll need to use their fee calculator tool to estimate the fees accurately. Click here to view this useful tool.

Enter the ASIN or product’s title to use the Amazon FBA fee calculator. The calculator will then generate estimates for referral, fulfillment, and storage fees for that particular product. Sellers can use this tool to determine if Amazon FBA is profitable for their business.

The MarketGap FBA Calculator tool can help find products to sell on Amazon and calculate the future profit.

Fee estimating tools

  • The Revenue Calculator allows sellers to estimate fees and profits based on their chosen fulfillment channel.
  • The Fee Preview report shows current listings’ estimated selling and fulfillment fees.
  • The Estimated Fee per Unit Sold preview shows the core fees for selling and FBA for a specific SKU.
  • The Referral Fee Preview report provides an estimated referral fee based on the price of the listed item.
  • The GetMyFeesEstimate API takes a list of products and returns their estimated selling and fulfillment fees.

Tools to review fees paid

  • The SKU economics card allows sellers to review their SKU economics over time.
  • The Payments summary page provides a summary of fees paid.
  • The Fee Explainer details how selling fees were calculated for a specific transaction.
  • The Monthly Storage Fees report shows estimated monthly storage fees for each ASIN.
  • The Long-Term Storage Fee Charges report provides itemized long-term storage fees.
  • The Inventory Storage Overage Fees report shows estimated overage fees for inventory exceeding storage limits.
  • The Fee category guidelines provide a searchable list of fee categories for specific products.

List of fee terms

  • Dimensional weight: This is a calculation of the volumetric weight of a package using its length, width, and height. ((length x width x height) divided by 139)
  • Product size tiers: Measurement categories based on the packaged item’s unit weight, product dimensions, and dimensional weight.
  • Product dimensions and volume: This refers to the size of the product when it is fully packaged and ready to ship according to FBA policies.
  • Shipping weight: This includes the weight of the item, Amazon’s packaging, and any dunnage used to deliver the order to the buyer. It is calculated using the unit weight or dimensional weight plus packaging weight.
  • Unit weight: This is the weight of the packaged product.
  • Fee categories determine which rates apply to a particular product for certain fee types. The fee category may be different from the category in which it is listed on Amazon’s retail site.

Some Statistics Data about Amazon Fulfillment fees

Amazon FBA Fees - FBA Statistics

Top 5 Profitable Amazon Products by their respective profit margins:

Amazon FBA Fees - Top 5 Profitable Amazon Products

U.S. Seller Performance:

Amazon FBA Fees - FBA U.S. Seller Performance

Entrepreneurial growth

Amazon FBA Fees - Entrepreneurial growth in 2021

The findings suggest that in 2021, the number of American sellers who generated $100K or more in sales had risen by 10%, with 27,000 surpassing half a million dollars (a hike of over 10%), and those making one million dollar-plus increased to 15%.

In 2020, almost 50% of all American selling partners utilized Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This allowed Amazon to store, pick, pack, and ship orders for sellers from their fulfillment centers, which are located around the world. By using FBA services, it lowered shipping costs by 30%.

In 2020, Amazon invested millions of dollars to help 70,000 sellers in the United States adopt the FBA selling business. By doing so, these sellers saw a 20-25% increase in sales productivity!


In conclusion, Amazon FBA offers many benefits to sellers but also comes with various fees. You can decide if Amazon FBA is the best option for your business by becoming familiar with these fees and utilizing Amazon’s fee calculator tool. Additionally, Amazon offers tools to review and understand the fees you have already paid. Keep these tools in mind as you manage your Amazon FBA business.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about FBA Fees

How are Amazon FBA fees calculated?

FBA fees are determined by the item’s cost, size, weight, and other characteristics, such as whether or not lithium batteries are included. Sellers can use Amazon’s FBA fee calculator tool to estimate these fees for a specific product.

What is the Amazon FBA Fulfillment Fee?

This fee covers picking, packing, shipping, handling, customer service, and returns, varying by item size and weight.

How is the Amazon FBA Storage Fee calculated?

Based on the volume occupied in fulfillment centers, charged monthly, with higher fees during the holiday season.

What is the Amazon FBA Long-Term Storage Fee?

Charged for items stored over 365 days to encourage inventory turnover, with the fee depending on storage duration.

Are there any additional fees associated with Amazon FBA?

Yes, including removal order fees, returns processing fees, and optional service fees like labeling and wrapping.

What is the Amazon FBA Referral Fee?

A commission on each sale, varying by product category, covering Amazon’s marketplace facilitation.

What are Amazon Restocking Fees?

Charged for returned items not in original condition, up to 20% of the item’s price.

What is the Amazon Return Fee?

Charged to sellers for processing returns in FBA, based on item size and weight.

What is the Amazon Lithium Batteries Fee?

Covers special handling of lithium battery items, varying by battery type and size.

Is it better to use FBA or ship by myself?

This can vary for each seller and their specific business needs. Amazon FBA may be more convenient and offer added benefits, but it also comes with fees that must be factored into profits. Some sellers may find it more profitable to fulfill orders themselves, while others may find the convenience of Amazon FBA worth the fees. Thoroughly weigh all options to make the best decision for your business.

What does Amazon’s FBA fee include?

FBA fees include referral fees, fulfillment fees, and storage fees. Amazon also charges additional fees for special handling, lithium batteries, lawn and garden, clothing and accessories, large bulky, footwear, baby, electronics, home and kitchen, musical instruments, sports and outdoors, toys and games, health and beauty, jewelry, books, kitchen, garden, furniture, luggage, computers, amazon device accessories, handbags.

Do Amazon FBA fees vary by product category?

Yes, Amazon FBA referral fees can vary by product category. Sellers need to review the fee structure for their specific product categories and factor them into their profits. Amazon may also offer promotions or discounts on FBA fees for particular product categories at certain times of the year. Sellers should continually review their Amazon FBA fees and make adjustments as needed.

Are Amazon FBA fees worth it?

This ultimately depends on the individual seller’s business and profits after factoring in Amazon FBA fees. Some sellers may find that the convenience and added benefits of Amazon FBA outweigh the fees, while others may find it more profitable to fulfill orders themselves.

Amazon FBA Fees - FBA cost

What distinguishes the FBA fee from Amazon’s own charge?

Amazon uses various fees, such as referral fees, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) charges, and other costs – collectively known as the “Amazon Fees.” To take advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment centers and have your products stored and shipped, then FBA fees will apply. They also include storage and optional service fees.

Are you looking to reduce your Amazon FBA fees?

Several strategies can help. Amazon sellers can negotiate for more affordable referral and storage fees by carefully monitoring their inventory and removing products that are not selling quickly. Streamlining product packaging and selecting the ideal size tier can help minimize fulfillment costs.

Amazon FBA Fees and cost

Why are my Amazon fees so high?

This could be due to various reasons, such as selling high-priced items with higher referral fees, storing a large amount of inventory that incurs high storage fees, or using optional services with additional fees. Using Amazon’s FBA fee calculator can help sellers determine the factors contributing to their high Amazon FBA fees.

Does Amazon FBA fee include shipping?

Fulfillment fees for Amazon FBA do include the cost of shipping to customers. Nevertheless, sellers must bear the expense of transporting their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Overall, sellers need to understand Amazon FBA fees and how they can impact their profits. By using Amazon’s fee calculator and taking steps to reduce costs, sellers can make informed decisions about whether Amazon FBA is the right choice for their business.

Is Amazon FBA still worth starting in 2022?

This ultimately depends on the individual seller’s business and profits after factoring in Amazon FBA fees. Amazon FBA continues to offer convenience and added benefits for sellers, but it needs to consider all factors before deciding if it is worth starting in 2022.

How do I save storage fees on Amazon?

Sellers can save on Amazon storage fees by regularly reviewing their inventory and removing slow-selling products. They can also optimize product packaging to reduce storage space and choose the appropriate size tier when calculating costs. Additionally, sellers can try negotiating with Amazon for lower storage fees.

Do Amazon fees change?

Amazon FBA fees can change, so sellers need to stay updated on any changes and factor them into their profits. Amazon may also offer promotions or discounts on FBA fees at certain times of the year. Sellers need to review their Amazon FBA fees and adjust continually.

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Can Amazon FBA fees be negotiated?

While Amazon sets the overall structure for FBA fees, sellers can try negotiating with Amazon for lower referral and storage fees. Review your Amazon FBA fees regularly and make changes as necessary to ensure you are maximizing your profits. This can include trying to negotiate lower fees or finding alternative fulfillment options.

Should small businesses invest in Amazon FBA?

Very small business is unique in its needs. Amazon FBA could be a good choice if you’re running a small business. It boasts unbeatable convenience and valuable advantages that make it an appealing option. Despite the fees associated with selling, it is wise for sellers to ask if such an investment would benefit their business. Weighing all the pros and cons, choose whatever will yield the highest rewards for your small business.

How do FBA fees typically vary across different countries?

FBA fees can vary significantly depending on the country where you are selling. Amazon operates stores in numerous countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium and Brazil. These countries do not have Amazon fulfillment units in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each country may have its fee structures, referral fees, fulfillment fees, and storage fees. It’s essential for sellers to simply build an understanding of the fee structures in the specific countries they wish to sell in and consider factors like shipping costs, local demand, and the competitive landscape when evaluating the profitability of using Amazon FBA in those regions.

What are the main FBA fees on Amazon?

The main FBA fees for Amazon sellers include fulfillment fees, storage fees, long-term storage fees, inventory storage overage fees, storage utilization surcharge, and other associated Amazon charges. This means that Amazon FBA fees can vary depending on product size, weight, oversized products, and inventory storage overage.

Can Amazon FBA fees be avoided?

Amazon FBA fees cannot be avoided entirely, as they are required for using Amazon’s fulfillment services. However, sellers can take steps to reduce their Amazon FBA fees, such as optimizing product packaging to reduce storage space and regularly reviewing slow-selling products to reduce storage fees. Furthermore, merchants can communicate with Amazon to secure more affordable prices or explore alternative delivery solutions. Sellers should continually review their Amazon FBA fees and adjust as needed to ensure maximum profits.

Amazon FBA seller fees impact on the profit margins

Ultimately, Amazon FBA fees can have a substantial impact on the profit margins of sellers. Hence, it is essential for merchants to assess their business objectives and other alternatives regularly alongside these fulfillment costs. Although paying Amazon’s FBA fees is required to use their fulfillment services, there are things sellers can do to lower these fulfillment costs. For example, they could optimize product packaging or assess slow-selling items often to reduce storage fees. To lower Amazon’s prices, sellers can try negotiating with them or finding other fulfillment options. Reviewing and reassessing your business fees regularly is key to understanding what will work best for you in the long term.

Amazon Fulfillment Costs

Amazon FBA fees. What are Amazon Seller Fees and Costs? FBA Fulfillment Fee Rates Formula 2024 is an essential read for new sellers planning their online store launch on Amazon. It delves into the intricacies of Amazon FBA fees, offering a detailed business guide that spans from product packaging to inventory management. The blog is a treasure trove of information, listing fee rates and providing tools for calculating Amazon fees. It also addresses common FAQs, ranging from pricing strategies to understanding profit margins.

Amazon FBA Fees and Fulfillment Costs Key Points

  • Amazon FBA fees encompass a range of costs, including fulfillment expenses, inventory storage fees, closing fees, refund administration fees, and returns processing fees. These fees vary based on product size, weight, season, and category.
  • The blog emphasizes the importance of considering Amazon FBA fees when setting product prices and strategizing for profitability.
  • It outlines the different Amazon selling plans – Individual and Professional – and explains how FBA fees apply to both, impacting the overall cost and profitability.
  • Proper packaging and preparation of inventory according to Amazon’s policies can help reduce storage fees, a crucial tip for sellers to optimize their expenses.
  • Details on FBA Seller subscription fees are provided, including the differences in fees between Individual Sellers and Professional Sellers.
  • The comparison between FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) offers insights into the pros and cons of each option, helping sellers make informed decisions.
  • Amazon referral fees are broken down by category, highlighting the varying percentages and minimum fees, which are critical for sellers to understand.
  • The blog provides a comprehensive list of FBA fulfillment fees, including fees for different product size tiers and special handling fees.
  • It also covers monthly inventory storage fees, aged inventory surcharge, FBA disposal order fees, and returns processing fees, offering a complete picture of potential costs.
  • Additional costs like refund administration fees and special fees for items like televisions and products with lithium batteries are also discussed.
In conclusion, this blog post is a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand the full spectrum of Amazon FBA fees. It provides new sellers with the necessary information to navigate the complexities of Amazon’s fee structure, aiding in the development of effective pricing strategies and overall business planning.

Fulfillment Amazon Fees Around the Globe

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Conclusion about Global Amazon Fees

In conclusion, Amazon’s FBA program is a dynamic and comprehensive solution for sellers worldwide, including those in Italy, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, and beyond. It offers a range of fulfillment methods and services that cater to various needs, from distributing products across global markets to handling sensitive apparel products.

Amazon FBA’s global selling platform is particularly beneficial for sellers in university settings or those involved in ecommerce education, as it provides practical insights into customer behavior and the technical aspects of online selling. The program’s calculator blog and other tools assist in estimating fulfillment costs and comparing fees across different regions, making it easier for sellers to strategize effectively.

For those selling products priced below certain thresholds, Amazon FBA offers tailored solutions, including day shipping options to meet customer expectations. The program also provides resources for sellers to learn and grow, such as the seller central, partner appstore, and various content resources. This is particularly useful for businesses in countries like Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates, looking to expand their reach internationally.

Global Amazon Fees Network

Amazon’s fulfillment network operates stores in numerous locations, including the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil, and India, offering a wide range of selling plans and products. This network enables sellers to efficiently distribute products across the globe, whether they are selling books, apparel, or technical gadgets.

Moreover, Amazon FBA is sensitive to the evolving landscape of ecommerce, continually updating its services and tools to enhance the website experience and provide better customer support. This includes offering a variety of selling programs, inventory management tools, and insights into customer behavior and market trends.

In essence, Amazon FBA is more than just a fulfillment service; it’s a comprehensive platform that enables sellers to navigate the complexities of international ecommerce, optimize their operations, and achieve success in the ever-expanding online marketplace.

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